Friday, July 24, 2009

So much for keeping up.....but a lot has been going on....

Brady finished kindergarten which he loved....but is very excited to go to first grade because they have recess. He has lost his 2 front bottom teeth so he was pretty excited about he lost while we were camping...he figured it was lose and wouldn't stop messing with it so it came out 20 minutes later and the other he lost while we were in utah visiting family....he was brushing his teeth and it just came out!!! He also played his first year of baseball....well not really baseball because it was t-ball but it is all the same. Cody coached and Brady thought that was the greatest thing!!! Also Brady just had his 6th birthday....i felt bad because we were moving right in the middle of it so he didn't have friends come we just went to the spaghetti factory and mini golfing but he thought it was awsome so it all worked now we are just getting him ready for 1st grade and hope that he has a great time..

Addison is growing and growing each day. She is only 10 pounds lighter than her brother so she is becoming a big girl....I think she is showing signs of potty training....she loves taking her diaper off and when she poops she runs it to the toilet and flushes it and says bye bye poo poo....its pretty funny!!!! She has become Bradys little shadow where ever he goes she is there and whatever he does she does....most of the time it is cute but when they start screaming....not so much!!! She will be turning 2 in August...where does the time go? But she is a joy!!!

We also just found out that we will be adding to our family....I am pregnant!!! Just barely...not due till March but we are very excited!!! When i told cody he said "Why do you do this to me?" When i told Brady he said "how" but everyone is very excited!!!

We also just moved....pretty much just across the street from where we were living but this place is a house and has more room which we will definetly need now.

Other than that everything is just going!!! The summer has gone by fast....we went to utah for a couple weeks and then my in laws have been here so it has been crazy but good!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

So i am trying to be better about keeping updated on here. So since August to now a lot has happened. Brady started kindergarten and absolutly loves it. Everyday when i pick him up from school he has to yell out the car to his teacher, "I love you Mrs. Pool". It is very sweet. He has his first crush as well. Her name is Abagail and one day when i picked brady up he was telling me about her and he said,"mom I think Abagail is so beautiful...I am going to marry her." Then we saw her and her mom at the mall and Brady says "mom thats abagail...isn't she pretty" He is so sweet. Brady also played his first year of soccer with cody coaching...Brady didn't get it at first but as the season went on he liked it more and was pretty bumbed when it was over. Our new journey will be T-Ball in just a few months...he seems to like baseball so hopefully he will like it.

Addison is now 18 months and is just as funny as Brady. She loves to say no but she says it as she puckers her lips like a fish. She also says ice which sounds like a...i won't finish that i think you will know. But she also says apple, fish, please. She loves following brady around and is getting strong enough to keep her own around here. She knows how to get her way already and loves it. She has so much hair with volume that i am a little jealous. She loves to dance especially to lady ga ga just dance. She loves to read...she is always bring out books even though she sits for about 5 seconds and gets down to get more books... She loves finding nemo.. she always points to the tv and says fish. She has become our little climmer so we definetly have to watch her and it doesn't help that brady encourges her to do naughty things. But i wouldn't trade either of them for the life of me. They are great.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here is addison in the tub. Man she loves it. She is such a crazy girl. I can't believe that she will be one in 2 weeks. Where does the time go. She is walking and is so funny to watch. She just loves brady and loves to follow him everywhere.


Here is brady brushing his teeth and being a goof that he is

Monday, March 17, 2008

Swimming lessons

So I probably have the funniest son. So today was his first day of swimming lessons and the teachers were going around and telling their names. When they got to Brady's teacher she said I am Kayla and Brady says in this girlish voice "Hi Kayla" and wiggled his fingers waving. It was so funny. All the teachers were laughing and so was I.

I just love that kid.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

More of Addison

Here are some more videos of Addison. She is just too dang cute!!

This is Addison. She is 6 months old today and so fun and cute!!